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Rosie's Corner

Updated: May 11, 2022

As I began to dream up the idea of running my very own local fabric store, one of my iterations was of Rosie (my 8 year old daughter), being able to walk or bike over to my shop after school on weekdays. In this musing, she would come by the shop, help me out with a variety of projects, do her homework, or read in a cozy shop chair.

Rosie is one of my most supportive fans—especially when it comes to SewBo. So much so, that she is eager to bring her creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit to the shop. (Boy oh boy does she take after her mama!)

When I started putting ideas onto paper, Rosie jumped on board wanting to be a part of the business and she wanted to contribute in a way that could actually earn her some money.

So was born Rosie's Corner—a section of the shop where our most whimsical, most delightful, and most story-telling fabrics will live. Once we have an actual brick-and-mortar, Rosie will be responsible for keeping this part of the shop tidy, helping me order new fabrics for her collection, and of course assisting customers who are drawn to her "corner".

I could think of nothing better than sharing my business with one of my very favorite people in the world, my sweet Rosie.

So whether you are browsing online or browsing in-person (in the future), now you know the story behind the adorable kitty cats, romantic butterflies, and magical fabrics that will always be found in Rosie's Corner.

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