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Halloween with SewBo

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

A family tradition continues with SewBo's new Halloween offerings.

Halloween has always been a big thing in our house (and it inevitable ends with a very late night on the 30th, followed by a LOT of fun on the 31st)!

My mother started this tradition by making all of our costumes: Strawberry Shortcake, GI Joe, Princess, Witch, Bunny, Clown... you name it and she would make it happen (a serious miracle worker)!

When I had my own children, I was pumped to continue the tradition and I used my best idea for Rosie's first Halloween. We attended the Munchkin Masquerade and because she wasn't walking yet, decided to include her Joovy Tricycoo in the costume.

My mom is a costume designer so I asked her to send me the biggest tail she had in her shop and once it arrived I knew immediately that Rosie was going to be a skunk. To this day, I can hardly stand how cute she was as our little stinky-Roo! 🤗

Another absolute joy I've had over the years is dressing my children in the costumes I wore (see above clown and bunny pic!). They both have been able to re-wear my bunny costume as well as my clown costume (I knew it would be worth hanging on to them).

And now, I am bringing my love of Halloween costumes to SewBo. 💛 I can't wait to help your children envision and create their ideal costume interpretation. Whether they are beginning sewers or have experience, we will come up with the perfect idea for them—making this Halloween the best yet!

And there is nothing better than answering, "I made it!" when someone asks where you got your costume. 😉

We hope you will join us on this ghoulish, colorful, and festive journey!

View SewBo's full lineup of October sewing classes to get your costume-making on. 💪

We have weekday, weekend, and a Thursday Halloween Sew-Along for adults!

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