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Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Welcome to your new go to resource for unique fabrics, quality classes, and sewing inspiration!

I'm Jordan: mother, writer, baker, and above all, maker. Making something with my hands has been a part of my identity since before I can remember. Whether I was building epic sand-castles at the beach, making airplanes with scrap wood from the neighbors demolition dumpster, or baking something delicious to share with friends... there is something I find so rewarding about making.

I learned to sew by watching my mother in her craft (she's an accomplished costume designer). Shopping for fabrics in downtown LA, helping her with minor alterations, or making a scrap quilt from our vintage fabric stash are just some of the memories I have with my mom and textiles.

As an adult, I explored sewing for myself more intimately, making dresses, laptop cases, zippered pouches—whatever I could dream up. And while I may not be the most accomplished seamstress, I am an avid textile guru, with a knack for mixing prints (you need help with fabrics for a quilt? I am your gal!). I also pride myself of making sewing accessible for anyone with an interest. We are not shooting for perfection but expression!

In an effort to share my love of sewing with new generations, I have launched SewBo—a gathering place for those who love (or want to love) all things sewing. I will run SewBo from my home for the time being until I am able to solidify an appropriate space in our community of South Boulder.

Wherever you are on your sewing journey, you have a place at SewBo.

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