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Gingham Oilskin Dwelling

Gingham Oilskin Dwelling

SKU: 83785

The real thing – best quality traditional oilskin made in the UK, finished to age and wear beautifully.


Dwelling is a check of burnt rust/orange and black. Ideal for bags, accessories and outerwear.


  • 59" wide
  • 5.9oz
  • GOTs certified organic cotton
  • Made in the UK
  • A blend of oils and petroleum-based waxes are impregnated into the fiber and saturates the cloth, so the performance relies on a traditional wax/water resist application
  • Do not iron, just finger press
  • Not washable but can be re-oiled
  • Do not use any interfacing with this type of oilskin
  • We recommend sewing with a denim needle and 100% poly thread


*Fabric is sold in 1/2 yard quantities



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